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Wirelessly Monitor Power Conditions
Anywhere in the World

How Does RV Whisper Work?

1. Power Watchdog

The Power Watchdog Sends Live Park Power Data Live to the RV Whisper Monitor Station

2. Monitor Station

The RV Whisper Monitor Station, receives data from various sensors (incliding Power Watchdog) then sends it to the cloud using your mobile WIFI hotspot.

3. WIFI Hotspot

Your mobile WIFI hotspot receives the data from the RV Whisper Monitor station and pushes it to the cloud.

4. The Cloud

The cloud takes your RV’s sensor data and pushes it down to your smartphone where you receive live coach conditions anywhere you have cell service/internet access.

RV Whisper in Action

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to monitor park power conditions anywhere in the world, you need 4 devices:

  1. A Hughes Power Watchdog Smart RV Surge Protector
  2. A RV Whisper Monitor Station
  3. A Portable WIFI Hotspot (Or Access to WIFI)
  4. A Smartphone, Computer or Tablet with Cell Service/Internet Access

You can still use the RV Whisper and Hughes Power Watchdog product line, however, you will be limited to in the range of which your smartphone can receive live condition data (approximately 20-30 feet from your coach).

Yes, but you will be limited to a range of 20-50 feet from your RV.

RV Whisper Compatible Products

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