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50 Amp Bluetooth Surge Protector with Auto Shutoff- Portable

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Our 50 amp Power Watchdog Smart Surge Protector + EPO (emergency power off) offers a powerful 4,800 Joules of advanced surge protection for your coach. Our Patented Power Watchdog + EPO is the world’s first smart surge guard and surge protector with built-in Bluetooth connectivity so you can monitor live park power conditions on your smartphone in real time!  Get text alerts of dangers before something catastrophic happens. The new EPO (emergency power off) units will automatically SHUT DOWN power if there are dangerous conditions of too high or low voltage, open ground or open neutral as well as more.

Unit automatically shuts down power if voltage drops below 104 V or over 132 V. Once power conditions are good and stable for 90 seconds, the unit will turn back on automatically.

  • World’s first advanced Smart Surge Protector with EPO (Emergency Power Off)
  • 4,800 Joules of Advanced Surge Protection
  • Smart Circuit Analyzer will shut down power to RV if a dangerous event occurs. An alert will be sent to your smartphone
  • Plug-n-play – only 4 second delay power on after plugging in (others brands are up to 2 mins)
  • Built in 90 second Power-on delay to protect your AC.
  • Wirelessly Monitor Volts & Amps & Watts on your Smartphone in Real Time
  • Complete LED Park Power Diagnostics with Wireless Fault Alerts – Open Ground, Open Neutral, Reverse Polarity, Open Circuit and Miss-Wired
  • App features power monitor, see your Kilowatt Hour usage
  • Replaceable Surge / Spike Module – Should you get hit by a large spike, simply order a new surge module. No need to order a whole new unit.
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • IP65 rating –  Rugged outdoors rain proof design.
  • Premium protection from spikes and surges
  • Easy pull plug handles
  • Anti-theft locking bracket
  • 99% pure copper 6 gauge wire, solid copper plugs and blades
  • Mobile app is available for free on iOS and Android platforms
  • Industry First, Patented!
  • 30 Amp Coach? Click here: (30 Amp is Available)
  • YES, it is compatible with cable, “dog bone” adapters
  • Go GLOBAL WiFi/CELLULAR add on option – www.RVWHISPER.com (monitor unit from miles away!)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty!
  • Approximately 31″ long including cables
  • Unit dimensions 11 1/2″  x  5 1/2″  x  3 3/4″

SPECIAL BONUS OFFER – If your surge module is ‘used up’ within the first 2 years of purchase, Hughes Autoformers will mail you one FREE replacement. (One free replacement offer only within the first 2 years of purchase. Proof of purchase required, proof of used up surge module also required)

*NOTE – If you use up the surge module, the unit will still function properly. The EPO (emergency power off) functions and the Bluetooth will still work. You would just not have surge protection until that part is replaced, but you WILL have power into your RV.




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Surge Module Replacement Instructions Power Watchdog + EPO USER GUIDE

5 reviews for 50 Amp Bluetooth Surge Protector with Auto Shutoff- Portable

  1. 5 out of 5


    Great device and would highly recommend. The Bluetooth connection shows real time power usage.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I’ve had the PWD50+EPO for a few months now and have had the occasion to use it both short term and long term. The long term use was this past week in Lancaster, PA. I have the unit mounted in my electric bay after my older model Autoformer per Hughes’s instruction. The unit functioned as I expected as did the app which proves real-time information.

    I do want to relay my experience with one of my short-term trips. We camp at least once a month at our local county park. The park is in the midst of upgrading the electric infrastructure which has been in place since the 70’s. Hours before our last trip to the county park sever thunderstorms rolled through the area knocking out power in the area and damaging one of the park’s circuit breakers. I believe that’s the correct name for the large green box. The local power company arrived after we did to replace the circuit breaker. The power in our half of the park had been stable but they advised that all power would be cut off for about 20 minutes while they made the final connections. No problem. When power returned about 25 minutes later things appeared normal for a while then our power went out. Only our power. Before I could check outside it came back on. After a minute or two it went out again. I checked the PWD and it was showing error code E4: Line Two Over-current. The PWD had determined that our amp rating had been exceeded and killed the power. This was an error I’d never experienced before. Whatever work the power company was doing had caused the park’s circuit to not trip sending potentially damaging amps to my motorhome. Without the PWD50+EPO detecting the issue and shutting off the flow I never would have known. After a few minutes things stabilized and the PWD50 restarted and showed no further issues. While this issue probably wouldn’t have caused any real damage to my motorhome given its short duration all it takes is one little blip to and the next thing you know you have to replace the microwave, the AC units and maybe even the residential fridge if you have one. The PWD50+EPO provides us peace of mind knowing that our electrical system is protected.

  3. 1 out of 5


    I’d like to know why this article says that the warranty is 3 years but on the picture of the package in the description it plainly says 2 year warranty ? Very misleading ! I am currently looking at different products trying to determine which one to purchase and this doesn’t help me want to buy your products.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I run a service Department in A major RV dealership I sell more of these units than toilet Paper. Brett at Hughes is Amazing he has answered Any questions I have ever had and knows His products inside and out This is a must have for your RV and this is a superior product compared to all others. Personally on my unit I Own this Exact model as well Do not let Keith’s bogus review put you off how can you review a product based on the Box I Have sold at least 1000 PWD EPO 50’s with zero complaints

  5. 5 out of 5


    I purchased an EPO 50 last year after a fair amount of research to help protect the electrical system of our new Solitude 5th wheel. So far I have encountered no problems at any of the parks or campgrounds we have stayed at but I find it very reassuring that I have it out there watching my system. I bought a replacement surge unit early on just to have in case I need to replace the original one. This feature was actually one of my chief deciding points for this unit. The replacement unit is relatively inexpensive and appears very easy to swap out. The other accessory I purchased recently was a decal overlay that goes over the face of the unit. At night it’s pretty bright and as it quite frequently would be shining into my neighbors campsite I thought it might be a bit irritating to them. I think the cost was about $7 and it really tones down the brightness. Almost too much as the first time I used it the face was facing the sun and it was difficult to see if face turned white giving my the all ok.
    I am glad I have this item and have recommended it highly to the many people who ask me about it.

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