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Mounting Bar for Power Watchdog EPO

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Bracket to mount an EPO Power Watchdog in your RV 

Works on any “EPO – emergency power off” type Power Watchdog
(PWD30-EPO, PWD50-EPO, PWD30-EPO-H, PWD50-EPO-H) *Not for PWD30 or PWD50

Easy 5 min installation with simple tools

Comes with two metal bars and eight screws.

Allows you to securely and neatly mount the unit to a wall or bulkhead.

Allows a portable EPO unit to be installed inside the RV.


  • Attache the metal bars to the backside of the Power Watchdog EPO unit, one on the top and one on the bottom
  • Align the bracket holes over the screw holes of the Power Watchdog
  • Use the 4 smaller machine bolts to secure the brackets to the PWD-EPO unit. Do not over tighten. 
  • Locate inside your compartment/bulkhead where do you want to install the Power Watchdog EPO and mark the holes with a pen/pencil. 
  • Use the 4 bigger screws to attach the brackets to your desired location. Do not over tighten.
  • Make sure it is secure and you’re done.

In stock