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Replacement Surge Protection Module for PWD30-EPO Unit

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• Replacement surge protection module for the PWD30-EPO  or PWD30-EPO-H unit. (Only use on the  auto shut off version).

• Simple installation – only a Phillips screw driver is needed.              NO SOLDERING

• New 2,400 Joules Surge Protection Module.

• Simply unscrew the 8 Phillips screws on the back of the unit. Unscrew the top and bottom cable gland nut. Unscrew the screws holding the old module. Unplug the old/used up surge module from the unit. Connect in the new surge protection module. Replace all the screws and re-tighten the cable gland nuts.

• Make sure unit is unplugged before installation!



In stock

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Surge Module Replacement Instructions - PWD30-EPO Surge Module Replacement Instructions PWD30-EPO-H

1 review for Replacement Surge Protection Module for PWD30-EPO Unit

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    First, let’s reflect on the fact that Hughes even designed the PWD30-EPO to have a replaceable surge protection module. Who else does that? If you get a nearby lightning strike or other damaging event, these modules are sacrificial and die to protect what is downstream of them – which is your RV and its expensive electronics. However Hughes goes the next step and lets you replace that smaller, less expensive, part without having to buy an entirely new unit.

    Second, Hughes’ warranty on the PWD30-EPO is such that they will send you a new one free of charge if your surge protector dies within the first two years. Again – awesome.

    And while I’m still only one year into that two year warranty, I went ahead and bought a replacement module anyway as a precaution. I don’t want transient damage to prevent me from using the PWD30-EPO during my trip, even if it is replaced for free by Hughes … but only after I get back home from my vacation that is. Compared to the original cost of the entire PWD30-EPO, this is cheap insurance.

    l do have one complaint. No installation instructions were included by Hughes. Seriously folks? You couldn’t pop for one tiny single sheet of paper? I almost took off one star for that, however that seemed disproportionate to that poor decision by Hughes. So you still get 5 stars, but with a partially disappointed comment by me. Fortunately, the Product Manual is online and easy to print, but I advise everyone who has one of these things to print it out *before you leave home* and keep it with the module in its box, just in case you’re forced to do a quick field installation.

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