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30 Amp Bluetooth Surge Protector with Auto Shutoff – Portable

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All new 2019, 30 amp Power Watchdog Smart Surge Protector + EPO (emergency power off) offers a powerful 2,400 Joules of advanced surge protection for your coach. Our Patent Pending Power Watchdog + EPO is the world’s first smart surge guard and surge protector with built-in Bluetooth connectivity so you can monitor live park power conditions on your smartphone in real time!  Get text alerts of dangers before something catastrophic happens. The new EPO (emergency power off) units will automatically SHUT DOWN power if there are dangerous conditions of too high or low voltage, open ground or open neutral as well as more.

Unit automatically shuts down power if voltage drops below 104 V or over 132 V. Once power conditions are good and stable for 90 seconds, the unit will turn back on automatically.

  • World’s first advanced Smart Surge Protector with EPO (Emergency Power Off)
  • 2,400 Joules of Advanced Surge Protection
  • Smart Circuit Analyzer will shut down power to RV if a dangerous event occurs. An alert will be sent to your smartphone
  • Plug-n-play – only 4 second delay power on after plugging in (others brands are up to 2 mins)
  • Built in 90 second Power-on delay to protect your AC.
  • Wirelessly Monitor Voltage & Amps & Watts on your Smartphone in Real Time
  • Complete LED Park Power Diagnostics with Wireless Fault Alerts – Open Ground, Open Neutral, Reverse Polarity, Open Circuit and Miss-Wired
  • App features power monitor, see your Kilowatt Hour usage
  • Replaceable Surge / Spike Module – Should you get hit by a large spike, simply order a new surge module. No need to order a whole new unit.
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • IP65 rating –  Rugged outdoors rain proof design.
  • Premium protection from spikes and surges
  • Easy pull plug handles
  • Anti-theft locking bracket
  • 99% pure copper 10 gauge wire, solid copper plugs and blades
  • Mobile app is available for free on iOS and Android platforms
  • Industry First, Patent Pending!
  • Available in hard wired or portable versions, for both 30 amp and 50 amp setups
  • 50 Amp Coach? Click here: (50 Amp is Available)
  • YES, it is compatible with cable, “dog bone” adapters
  • Go GLOBAL WiFi/CELLULAR add on option – www.RVWHISPER.com (monitor unit from miles away!)
  • 3 Year Warranty!
  • Approximately 31″ long including cables
  • Unit dimensions 11 1/2″  x  5 1/2″  x  3 3/4″

SPECIAL BONUS OFFER – If your surge module is ‘used up’ within the first 2 years of purchase, Hughes Autoformers will mail you one FREE replacement. (One free replacement offer only within the first 2 years of purchase. Proof of purchase required, proof of used up surge module also required)


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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 10.5 × 5 in

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Power Watchdog + EPO USER GUIDE Surge Module Replacement Instructions

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I purchased this to replace an “inexpensive” surge protector that worried me. I was afraid it would not protect our motor home properly. I really like the blue tooth function of this unit so I can keep an eye on our power consumption. We have had this for about 2 weeks and have been on the road. It has worked perfectly even shutting down the power when our consumption was over the 30 amp limit. Unit came right back on and is working flawlessly. I like the idea of replacing the surge unit if it gets affected, and not buying an new complete unit. $30 is much better than over $200. I hope it works well for many years.

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