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RV Whisper Monitor Station

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This product when set up will allow you to get alerts from any Power Watchdog product from miles away! This is perfect for the pet owners, or if your RV is in storage!

How it works: The RV WHISPER System needs to have internet access (WiFi). This can be either ‘camp’ WiFi, or a personal jet pack set up. Once connected to WiFi, the RV WHISPER system then links to your Power Watchdog unit. Once completely set up, the data; watts, volts, amps, and power alerts will be sent to the RV WHISPER system, from there it will be sent to the ‘cloud’. This allows you the user to get emails, text alerts, and or log in to see in real time your volts, watts, amps, and if there are any power issues at your RV from miles away!

This is an exclusive feature ONLY with the Power Watchdog brand of advanced RV surge protectors. This kit also comes with one temperature sensor. So this way, you can know the temperature in your RV, and also if your power is safe/secure. Perfect for keeping your pets SAFE!

• Allows remote viewing and access to your Power Watchdog from miles away! Get texts, emails, or log in remotely outside of Bluetooth range.

• Works with ANY Power Watchdog unit, even the PWD30 METER

• Perfect for Pet Owners – get an alert to your phone if your RV has a power issue and you are away. Keep them safe on hot summer days! *Kit comes with additional temperature sensor for FREE!

• Perfect for RV Storage. It enables you to monitor your power conditions for charging your batteries while your RV is in storage, even if miles away!

• Expandable system – RV WHISPER offers other sensors – door latch sensor, propane tank level, black and grey tank sensors, motion sensors, and more!

• COMES WITH ONE TEMPERATURE/HUMIDITY SENSOR – instantly see the temperature in Fahrenheit and your relative humidity.  INCLUDED!

In stock

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