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Autoformer Stand

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For use with the either 30 Amp or 50 Amp autoformers. Made from heavy duty ABS plastic material, this stand will keep your autoformer elevated up and out of dirt, mud or puddles. There are grooves and holes to channel any water away from the unit. It helps keep the unit from tipping over.

It can be mounted inside your RV and has four screw holes to secure this to the floor in your RV. The included bungee strap will hold the autoformer in place while travelling. Keeps the unit secure and in place

• Durable plastic material & heavy duty bungee strap

•Keeps the autoformer out of shallow water, mud, dirt or moisture

• Fits both the 30 amp & 50 amp autoformers (also fits older models as well)

• Prevents water damage and rust from forming on the bottom of the metal can.

• Secure it to the floor in your electrical compartment and prevent the autoformer from moving around or tipping over.



In stock

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