Installation Procedures - Hughes Autoformers

Installation Procedures

Follow these easy steps to install/use your Hughes Autoformer

  1. Place the Autoformer on the ground, handle up.
  2. Plug the cord from the Autoformer into the RV Park electrical post.
  3. Plug RV cord into the Autoformer.
  4. If using an extension cord, plug it into the park post, then plug the Autoformer into it and the RV into the Autoformer.

Although not preferred, you can lay the Autoformer on its side to place into a well- ventilated compartment.

Installation kits are available to install 50 amp units into your RV’s ventilated compartment.

When the unit is in Automatic and the park or input voltage is 116 volts or below, the output is 10% over the input. When the input is over 118 volts, the output is 2% over the input.

The small holes below the cord and plug are for condensation drainage. Please ensure that these remain open and are not blocked in any way.

Please use the Autoformer as it was designed. Do not set upside down or use it for any purpose other than intended. Do not seal holes or edges with silicone or any other material. To do so will void your warranty. Removing the lid or making any alterations to the Autoformer will also void your warranty. Please call our Technical Support line if you have questions or problems.

For an Installation kit for the 30 Watt Autoformer, please click here.

For an Installation kit for the 50 Watt Autoformer, please click here.

Why do I need an Autoformer?

Hughes Autoformers are designed to increase voltage to your RV and help eliminate low voltage damage to your appliances. Unlike a boost transformer, the 'sense circuit' in the Autoformer will adjust the output based on the load demand. For this reason you can run additional appliances on a 30-amp input. For example, a coffee pot and microwave each draw 1200 watts. Add wattage for the converter and/or a refrigerator - about 800 additional watts – and now you have 3200 watt demand.

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