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Dual Color Digital Voltmeter

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See if you are getting proper voltage with just a glance! The dual color digital voltmeter is highly accurate. If the LED light is green, this means your voltage is in an acceptable range. If the LED light is red, the voltage may be damaging to your RV!

• Use this device to monitor your voltage with digital accuracy        (+/- 0.5 V)
• Voltage below 108 or above 132, can damage your electrical devices!

• Simple design- Green is good, Red is bad voltage

• Simply plug in to any outlet in your RV to measure AC voltage
• Also suitable for boat/marine, household or office usage!
• Measuring range: AC current from 90 – 132 Volts

• Avoid using in a wet/damp environment
• Do not allow children to use as a toy

• Patent Pending design



In stock

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