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Providing high quality RV low voltage boosting solutions

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Since 1995, Hughes Autoformers has been the industry leader in providing high-quality RV low voltage boosting solutions. Our founder and product pioneer Robert Hughes was an avid RV enthusiast. Traveling throughout North America, Mr. Hughes discovered that voltage in most RV parks was too low and it caused problems with air conditioning & refrigeration. Thereafter, Mr. Hughes designed the first low voltage remedy to problematic RV power requirements. The original Hughes Autoformer has since served as the inspiration for innovations that have paved the way for today’s high performance solutions. With multiple thousand Autoformers in use today, you can say we pioneered the idea of protecting RV appliances from damaging and costly low voltage conditions.
The Autoformer is an offshoot of products used to protect printing presses, optical grindings, cash register lines, and computer systems to sustain the proper voltage, keep the amperage down, and avoid damage to voltage sensitive appliances. We manufacture our product at our modern facility in southern California. We’re proud to be known as the original and still the best choice for RV voltage solutions.

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