Power Watchdog Smart RV Surge Protector - Gen II - Hughes Autoformers

The Successor to the Best Selling Surge Protector on the Market

“We Compiled a List of all of our Customer Feedback Over the Years, Added Some Incredible New Features and Patented the Heck Out of It” -Pat Thomas, Hughes Autoformers Chief Designer

All New Design

The all-new design features a patented side connection with a lockable, lit bay, providing the easiest, tamperproof, and weather-resistant setup with a substantially smaller footprint than its predecessor.

WiFi Built-In

In addition to Bluetooth, every Gen II model features WIFI built-in. This allows you to monitor and control your RV from anywhere on the planet without any additional hardware.

New Mobile App

All Gen II models feature a completely revised mobile app. It’s the most intuitive app we’ve ever built and packed with several new features and thanks to the addition of WIFI, it can now be used to connect to your RV anywhere you have service!

When a problem is detected, the Watchdog turns red, displaying the specific error code. Instantly, you’ll also receive a notification on your mobile app, ensuring you’re always informed no matter where you are.

The error code indicator displays one of nine potential faults, with a code key printed on the side of the unit for quick reference. Additionally, your phone receives an instant notification with a detailed explanation of the error, helping you resolve issues swiftly.

Featuring a lit receptacle bay for easy nighttime connections, the light can be dimmed or turned off via the mobile app, providing convenience and control at your fingertips.

The clamshell receptacle bay door offers outstanding weather protection, ensuring your connections remain secure and dry in any conditions.

The clamshell bay door includes a ring for a padlock, adding an extra layer of security to prevent tampering, alongside the standard lock ring on the cable.

With many parks charging per kilowatt-hour, our integrated energy use meter helps you monitor and manage your electricity consumption, avoiding unexpected fees.

Cut or restore power to your RV remotely from anywhere in the world, providing unparalleled control and peace of mind.

The energy usage meter can be reset as needed, allowing you to start fresh tracking periods and manage your energy consumption more effectively.

Keep track of all detected faults with a detailed log, ensuring you have a complete history of any issues for future reference and maintenance.

For Gen II units with EPO, power is immediately cut to your coach when a fault is detected. After ensuring it is safe, the system waits 90 seconds before automatically restoring power, ensuring any fix is permanent.

The Watchdog lights up white to indicate safe and normal power conditions. If the light is too bright for your campsite, you can easily dim it via the mobile app.

Our replaceable surge module ensures your surge protector remains effective even after a massive surge. On Gen II models, the compact and modular design allows for quick and easy replacement with simple hand tools.

Gen II Power Watchdog surge protectors now come with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, allowing you to monitor your RV from anywhere in the world without additional hardware.

The patented side entry receptacle and cover provide a balanced cord arrangement, relieving stress on your receptacle connection and ensuring longevity and reliability.

Monitor Your RV Anywhere in World

Available on All Power Watchdog Gen II Models


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Service30 Amp50 Amp30 Amp50 Amp
WiFi Built-In
Replaceable Surge Module
Patented Side Entry Receptacle
Lit Receptacle Bay Door
Lockable Receptacle Door
Secondary Cable Lock Ring
Mobile Energy Metering
Mobile Fault Alerts/Tracking
Emergency Shut Off (EPO)--
Remote Power On/Off--