Show Us Your Power Watchdog in Action - Hughes Autoformers

Show Us Your Power Watchdog in Action!

We want to see videos of your Power Watchdog surge protector saving your bacon! Submit a video of your Power Watchdog giving you an error and be entered to win a Hughes Autoformers Voltage Booster!

How the Contest Works:


1. Take a Quick Video of Your Power Watchdog Surge Protector Saving You from Faulty Park Power

1. Video must show a Power Watchdog surge protector product in use and showing an issue with the park power.
2. Show the Power Watchdog in the video with the error code and what the error code is (e.g. “Missing Ground” or “Low Voltage” etc.).
3. Specify the city/state you are in where the error occurred
4. Do not mention the park name specifically

2. Upload Your Video

This is the easy part: Simply click the button below, enter your info and upload your video. If you shot the video with your phone, its super easy to upload your video.

Disclaimer: Your video may be used in our marketing materials in the future.

3. You’re Automatically Entered to Win a Voltage Booster!


The first 20 Submissions will Receive a Free Dual Color Digital Volt Meter!