In case you missed it, we were featured in RV Pro Magazine – January 2017

You can check out the article at: The article features gives some great insight into poor park power and dispels some of the myths about robbing voltage. Also, you’ll get an inside look at our manufacturing facility in Anaheim California and you’ll get to meet our great staff. Thanks RV Pro!


Why do I need an Autoformer?

Hughes Autoformers are designed to increase voltage to your RV and help eliminate low voltage damage to your appliances. Unlike a boost transformer, the 'sense circuit' in the Autoformer will adjust the output based on the load demand. For this reason you can run additional appliances on a 30-amp input. For example, a coffee pot and microwave each draw 1200 watts. Add wattage for the converter and/or a refrigerator - about 800 additional watts – and now you have 3200 watt demand.

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