REVIEW: The RV Geeks - YouTube's #1 RV Channel - Hughes Autoformers

REVIEW: The RV Geeks – YouTube’s #1 RV Channel

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The widely known YouTube channel, “The RV Geeks” completed a video review on one of our Autoformers. Check out the video:

Why do I need an Autoformer?

Hughes Autoformers are designed to increase voltage to your RV and help eliminate low voltage damage to your appliances. Unlike a boost transformer, the 'sense circuit' in the Autoformer will adjust the output based on the load demand. For this reason you can run additional appliances on a 30-amp input. For example, a coffee pot and microwave each draw 1200 watts. Add wattage for the converter and/or a refrigerator - about 800 additional watts – and now you have 3200 watt demand.

Video Testimonial

Award Winning

Power Watchdog EPO - 2019 RVIA Product of the Year Finalist